Beware of everything experts may tell you!!!

With the huge changes and abandoning of restrictions in China, it’s become even more important to get good information. While the country was doing an excellent job of informing the population, everything has now dried up, just as infections are shooting through the roof.

So it’s particularly depressing that some experts have reverted to Western styled misinformation. Zhong Nanshan has been known for playing a major role in combating the SARS1 epidemic in 2002-3. But now he’s making statements which are ridiculously easy to refute. “Omicron is mild” has been one of his recent chants.

If it’s so mild, why is Japan in the grips of its worst Omicron death stats to date? And Omicron deaths are on the rise again in Hong Kong.

For those who’ve been fully vaccinated and boosted, Omicron is much less likely to be severe; but recent studies have shown that if one should be hospitalised with Omicron, then the stats for recovery outcomes are about the same as those hospitalised during the Wuhan outbreak of Spring 2020!

And there are other misleading statements: “asymptomatic infections do not lead to later sequelae”. Just to check I posed that question to Dr Daniel Griffin on This Week in Virology, 2022-12-17

It’s the same where-ever you are. There are some ‘mad professors’ in the UK too, recommending children (who are largely unvaccinated) to get infected in order to… wait for it… prevent infection later on!!! What they never admit to is that every new infection brings with it an increased risk of serious outcomes, including Long Covid.

One of the reasons why the UK has fared so badly in this pandemic is that the govt has chosen to listen to these ‘outliers’ rather than the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE). That showed itself right from the start by the UK govt actively pursuing infections in order to reach a mythological ‘herd immunity’, which nearly all sane scientists now acknowledge as impossible due to the high rate of mutations experienced by this coronavirus. It is disturbing to me that I’m now seeing Chinese literature talking about that same herd immunity!

Pandemic: China is a potential threat to the world

China is a potential threat!

Since 20% of the world’s population lives there, what happens in China can have a major effect on the whole world. If infections break loose, as they have in the West, it’s unthinkable what the stats may say!

Yes China has problems. Despite a very high level of vaccination (91% including kids), there’s only one booster. The population is not protected from the waning that multiple boosters can counter. And of the elderly elderly, apparently only 40% have been boosted. And the vaccines have never been as efficacious as the Western jabs.

But they’re really tough on stamping out transmission. In my city, all 10m are tested (Nucleic Acid Tests, of which PCRs are one) every two days. If you’re found to be positive you HAVE to isolate. It’s enforced, even for asymptomatics. And if you’re clear, your electronic health card (on your phone) is still checked in every major building, metro and bus. The messaging is universal: the pandemic is NOT over and the situation is “grim and complex” (I’m quoting the Changsha CDC here in their daily bulletin). Masks are worn everywhere. Yes their mainly surgical masks and only a few of us are using N95s. And every hospital and medical surgery enforce mask wearing, as do every other major building, metro, bus etc. And we’ve all heard about the lockdowns (now limited to local areas where transmission has not been restricted to those isolating and quarantining). And testing is required for every major journey, internationally and inter province.

While there’s been a record number of infections since October, the tally of daily new infections has been coming down over the last 7 days (yesterday’s new symp + asymp = 31,824, down from a high of 40,347).

How does this compare with your country? Mask wearing (is EVERY doctor/nurse wearing them???)? And what about vaccination amongst the poor/ethnic communities/children/under 50s? How are the CEV being protected? Are your unmasked kids sitting next to pupils coughing and sneezing? How many of their teachers are off sick? How are your hospitals coping? Yes, the boosted vaccines reduce the risk of serious infection but don’t do much to prevent infection and transmission. Is there a culture of rejecting vaccines and NPIs? And what % are suffering from Long Covid or other infections due to damage done to the immune system by Covid? What are its economic effects for the individuals and the nation as a whole?

Do you know who is infected? In the UK there’s statistically relevant figures from the ONS, but that’s just an unidentified %, not who exactly they are. How easy is it to get an accurate PCR and is it free?

So the 20% are a potential threat, but the 80% is an ACTUAL threat!!!

Which do you prefer?

And please remember that SARS-CoV2 is airborne. If the infected don’t circulate, neither can the virus!!!

SARS-CoV2 Origins

Independent_SAGE briefing dated 2022-11-18 focused on what we know about the origins of the virus, with special guest experts Prof David L Robertson (Medical Research Council Investigator, MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research) and Prof Stuart Neil (Head of Department, Infectious Diseases, Director of Programme Infection & Immunity, King’s College London).

Attached is the section addressing the origins.

Origins of SARS-CoV2

Also attached is a link to the entire briefing: