The West’s View of the Pandemic in China

Most western articles about the current handling of the pandemic in China promote ‘living with Covid’. While, in the small print, they acknowledge that this may lead to 1.5m deaths in the country as a whole, that seems to be subservient to relaxation of precautions. What is wrong with people?

While they acknowledge that the lockdowns in Shanghai have caused Western industry problems with chip shortages, they seem to ignore the fact that China is currently the effective ‘workshop of the world’; ‘living with covid’ would cause colossal harm, not only to the Chinese economy but to the world. If they’re unhappy about current chip shortages, they’ve seen nothing compared to a major recession in China and its effect on the world economy if ‘living with covid’ were to replace the current precautions.

Even if you don’t believe the statistics coming out of China, just because the precautions being taken are much greater than anywhere else on the planet from what I understand, the incidence is bound to be much less than elsewhere. Less incidence also means less Long Covid.

While far too many countries have abandoned restrictions aimed to prevent the spread of the virus, I’m bloody glad that China has not!

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