Pandemic Precautions in China

Unlike Shanghai and Jilin, Changsha, Hunan, has not been badly hit. Zero new cases for 3 days in the province (66m) with ‘still infected’ total down to 20 from a high of 68. But everyone is complying with precautions. We’ve had 6 PCR tests in the last 3 weeks as part of mass testing. The results go on to our electronic health card (together with vaccination records). Everywhere you go, your health card is scanned; even now on buses.

I know people in the West mock the mainland China precautions (e.g. the UK Health Minister Sajid Javid, who has zero health qualifications) but just compare the stats to get an idea about their effectiveness!

Here’s an example about guidance using public transport put out by the local Changsha CDC:

I’m grateful for an abundance of caution.

QR Health Code scanner
Electronic Health Card on phone
Home testing for my 90-year-old In-Laws

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