It’s Bloody Infectious, even Outside!

0.5 Meters – That is What It Takes to Get

Infected Without Wearing a Mask! Foreign Affairs (Hong Kong and Macao Affairs)

Office of Hunan Province Reminds Foreign Friends and Compatriots from Hong Kong and Macao in Hunan to Wear a Mask and Take Proper Personal Protection


A COVID-19 case was confirmed in Furong district, Changsha, according to the announcement of the Office of Changsha

Municipal COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarter on March 21. The epidemiological investigation shows that the above mentioned case had overlapped outdoor path with another infected case who traveled to Changsha from another province.

Both of them did not wear masks. They walked from opposite directions and passed each other at a distance of onlv 0.5 meters.

Without wearing a mask, can the virus be transmitted at a distance of about 0.5 meters, especially in the open air?

The answer is yes, according to an expert from CDC. No matter how much the COVID-19 virus mutates, it can still spread through droplets and contacts. The most cost-effective and simple was to avoid infection are to properly wear a mask, wash and disinfect hands and keep a safe distance.

CDC reminds the public that the pandemic prevention and control is a duty for all, and everyone is responsible for their own health. In daily life, it is necessary to properly take personal protections by wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and maintaining a social distance of 1 meter in public places, etc. It is also required to comply with prevention and control protocols such as scanning

the designated health code for each public place at the entrance, getting vaccinated and avoiding gatherings.

Translated by Office of Foreign Affairs Commission of CPC Hunan Provincial Committee

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