China Delta Outbreak Update 2021-08-26

Having had a dramatic spread of the virus following an outbreak in Nanjing Airport discovered on 20 July, affecting as many as 18 provinces, the last few days have shown a big drop in locally spread infections. 3 days ago there were zero new local infections, the first since July, and 3 or 4 in the last couple of days (not including imported cases limited to quarantine situations).

Some cities have had huge testing programmes. Yangzhou (4.4m) has been tested between 7 and 12 times (I’ve seen different reports). Yesterday’s 3 infections were all in Yunnan.

My city of Changsha has now been 24 days free of new cases.

One thought on “China Delta Outbreak Update 2021-08-26

  1. bean481 says:

    Today (2021-09-03) zero local cases of infection in China and only 1 case in the last 5 days.

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