New Arrivals

It’s over two months since our beautiful princess, Miss Gege, crossed the rainbow bridge. Sigh. What a beautiful sweet girl. I miss her terribly.

But we have some new life in our home now. Not just one, but two!!!

About a month ago, a neighbour rang our doorbell. We’d not met before, but she found out about us at the estate office on the ground floor. She was looking for a new home for her daughter’s cat, since she could no longer look after it due to work travel assignments. So the estate office told her that there was a foreigner who loved cats on the 10th floor!

In comes Miss Coco!

A small, two year old grey and white British Shorthair. A beautiful sweet thing but very shy and instantly bullied by the others. Now she’s found a hiding place on the balcony whether the others can’t reach her, so she’s there most of the time!

And just this week, ‘the management’ decided we needed another member of the family. This time a 3 month old, very gregarious grey and white British Shorthair. Mowgli has settled right in and seems to have appeased the others within a couple of days! He’s all bounce. Very Tigger-like!

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