Miss Gege has gone!

Our Princess

Today around 12:30 p.m. we lost our Gege. In Chinese, 格格,a Manchu for Princess.

I feel desperate to hang on to her and am afraid of forgetting some of the special memories we have of her. Hence this blog.

She came to us in March 2019. A British Shorthair breeder was closing down and we adopted her at about 1.5 years old. She was shy and had a hard time integrating with our other 4. 2 were very gentle but the other two had fights with her quite regularly, but they did diminish. Just yesterday I remarked to Yvonne that Gege was eating her dinner and Yoda came up and sniffed her instead of biting her. He once drew blood; quite a nasty gash actually.

When she arrived she spent the first week in one of the toilets, as recommended by cat specialists to allow the others to get used to her smell etc. I would often lie on the floor and talk to her so that she’d get used to my voice and feel safe.

From instructions from the breeder we knew she had a problem of not drinking enough so I bottle fed her water 3 times a day to make sure she was sufficiently hydrated. Probably around. 18 months ago she developed a UTI and was bleeding in her pee. For a couple of weeks we had to give her some antibiotics – a difficult process as every cat owner will tell you, and up the bottle feeding which had become somewhat irregular.

While she never liked being bottle fed water, she accepted it. She didn’t struggle as she normally would if I picked her up. At the end she’d quickly jump down, but not run away. She’d still let me stroke her. But, often she’d hide to stop me from giving her her essential drink. She didn’t like being removed from her hiding places, but settled down once on my lap. Behind the living room a-c unit was a favourite place, and somewhere she knew the other two couldn’t get her!!!

She wasn’t much of a lap cat, but there were a couple of times when she jumped onto my lap as we were sitting on the balcony and would start ‘making biscuits’!

She was also very friendly at bed time. She would come and sleep beside me, and would like to be stroked. In the morning she’d talk a little to me, and gently touch my chin with her paw. When I sat up, she’d touch my leg with her paw and meow. She only did that in the morning.

While she was shy, she wasn’t like Yoda who goes and hides in the wardrobe if we have visitors. But often she’d go and sleep on our bed during the day, or beside the bed. I think she felt a little safer there from Yoda or Chili.

We had no inkling that she might be ill. Our Chubbies, who lost the use of his back legs over a year ago after another couple of years of difficulty walking and after a major operation, has for 3 years now been on borrowed time according to the vet. But he’s still healthy, loves his morning treats, daily massages, coat combing (he has a really thick coat and sheds tons of fur), and has learned to tell daddy when he needs something. So it’s been a huge shock that the younger Gege shed her mortal coil before him.

Yes she had her habits which weren’t appreciated: taking pees a nod poos in the shower room, but nothing we couldn’t cope with. I can’t remember her vomiting at all, unlike Mr Jack.

Our Princess was a truly beautiful girl.

A Flick Tribute Album

I’m sure we’ll remember her daily just as we did when Billy Boy died. For months, we would recall him on Sunday evenings at 18:00; the time he slipped away at the vets. Now Thursday lunchtimes will be a memorial time too.

Someone on the Cole and Marmelade memorial page on Facebook kindly appended this poem and our photo which are particularly meaningful.

Video Slideshow. A minute for Gege

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