Early days in China

It seems as though time is flying by. It’s now 3 weeks since we arrived in Changsha. There have been lots of reunions of family and friends and lots of Huan Ying – welcomes from all and sundry.

Our family has increased in size by the addition of Messi Jack – a British a Shorthair kitten that Yvonne’s daughter has given us. As with any 3 month old kitten he’s definitely become the centre of attention and has introduced a little bit of

20140724-191100-69060324.jpgstructure to our lives. He’s a gorgeous little chap who goes by various names from ‘baby Jack’ to his full name Messi Jack after the Argentine footballer Lionel Messi and a 3 legged cat that lived next door to us 3 years ago.

I’m getting used to the climate which is a little warm at 38C yesterday. We’ve had plenty of rain alongside the heat -heavy downpours lasting 2 or 3 days. Just a little different from London.

This last weekend we we delighted that Yvonne’s daughter Shu Fang came to stay – quite a long way from Guangzhou where she lives (450 miles).

2014-07-21 20.16.40

Of course I’m heavily reliant on Yvonne as my Chinese is extremely limited despite all the evening classes over the last couple of years. But at least I can read some basics thanks to the Meridian Chinese Classes I went to over the last year or so. Now that I don’t have any structured classes I’m able to get back to RosettaStone on the laptop which is brilliant. Yvonne used the English one for 2 years and she speaks English very well now. I’m hopeful but it’s a long haul, but it’s probably good for the grey matter!

It looks like our new home won’t be ready to move into until next year, but we have visited and we get a great view from the 9th floor!


More news in due course.



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