Early Retirement?

Short for, the early days of retirement!

Having got married 4 years ago, moved location twice, said goodbye to all my other working colleagues over the last few years, retirement hasn’t come with the usual shocks and surprises that many others face. For a while at least, I’m still living in the same house close to my office! I still get up at the same time but instead of opening the office door I open RosettaStone Chinese and work at the next exercise.

The ‘trauma’ is coming by getting rid of things on Freecycle and Ebay. ‘Things’ that have held memories for me for most of my 65 years. But there’s comfort in the fact that many are being taken by friends and family so I’ll still have a link to them in the future.

Today I said goodbye to my golf clubs, which Dad gave me 50 years ago having served him well for many years as a 4 handicap player. But I kept the first club he bought for me and had cut down to size so that it would suit the 7 year-old that I was at the time!

IMG_4269m2014-04-16 12.31.32-2


Looking at the photos, I even wonder whether the club Dad is holding in the black and white photo might be one of the woods that are in my photo!



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